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Magical Santa Claus

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Author of the 200th anniversary of........

 "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

Santa's Story

Penned from his heart.

Step into a world of enchantment and discover a new take on a timeless classic. "Twas, the Night Before Christmas", comes alive in a whole new way as Santa takes the pen to share his side of the story. Imagine peeking into Santa's world on that magical Christmas Eve. "Santa’s Twas The Night Before Christmas" is a unique book that lets you see Christmas from Santa's eyes – it's like having a front-row seat to his adventure!

Purchase "Twas The




Santa is a real bearded professional who along with Mrs. Claus are always the life of the party. Together they will have you believing in the magic of Christmas. While in costume Santa and Mrs.Claus stay in character and are very careful not to do anything to tarnish the reputation of this very important job. They are a team that enjoys play acting and the children and adults love the realistic experience.

They have received accolades from private home visits, corporate events, day homes, family gatherings, birthday parties, and more! Fully customizable they will work with you to ensure your ideas and wishes are met. Mr. and Mrs. Claus have all Covid shots as well as background checks.

   They also have a great deal of experience with the special needs community. Santa and Mrs. Claus understand the sensory and unique challenges of our special friends. 

    They include an anti-bully message at every visit and encourage children to be a friend with someone who needs a friend. 

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Our Services


Weekday Home Visits

All events include one signed copy and a reading of Santa's new book if requested! More are available to purchase.

Family Gatherings 

Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive at your event ready to turn it into a magical Christmas time. They answer questions, play games, read Santa's new story "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and pass out gifts. They are extremely warm and friendly. With unlimited photos, they never force a child to not be shy or afraid. They assure you that they are master photo bombers and children normally warm up given time. This is not the mall experience. Family photos are never rushed.

Imagine your child opening the door to see Mrs.Claus looking for help. She is a little lost but with the children's help Santa will appear. Mrs. Claus will tell them a secret that explains everything. Santa and Mrs. Claus answer questions, tell a short but powerful story for their antibully message and then read " The Night Before Christmas,Santa's Story".
Unlimited photos.
Maximum 4 children 
 For the never forget experience.A copy of Santa's new book is included!!

Children Corporate Parties

Santa and Mrs. Claus appear to an extremely excited crowd. At large events, Mr. and Mrs. Claus like interacting with children and adults alike before taking a seat. After answering questions,  
it is time for "The Night Before Christmas "and passing out gifts. Then they take unlimited family photos before they go on their merry way, leaving miles of smiles.


Corporate & Office Events

This Mr. and Mrs. Claus can make your party a fun event. In the past guests nearly forget they are not children and love the energy of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Are you having a dance party? Mr. and Mrs. Claus love to help fill a dance floor. Festive tunes are encouraged. Unlimited photos! Let us help you plan the party that everyone will enjoy. 


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